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Top Ten Things To Do In Waterton Park - Summer!

10. Buy a local a drink!

9. Go horseback riding and get a taste of the Western ways.

8. Rent a paddle boat or canoe at Cameron Lake and visit the interpretation center. Hint: Try to spot a grizzly bear along the mountain side at the end of this glacier fed lake. 

7. Hike to Crypt Lake (rated one of Canada's best hiking trails).

6. Drive to Red Rock Canyon and keep track of all the different wildflowers, plan, bird, and animal species that you spot along the way.

5. Rent a scooter from Pat's

4. Go on an evening wildlife tour with Canadian Wilderness Tours.

3. Take the International Boat Cruise to Goat Haunt Montana and marvel at the international boarder cut line through the trees along side the mountain.

2. Climb the Bear's Hump and see the best, easiest  view of Waterton Lake.

1. Partake in an extraordinary dining experience at the Vimy's Bar & Grill!

Top Ten Things To Do In Waterton Park - Winter!

10. Buy a local a drink!

9. Take a moonlit walk along the lake and experience true serenity and peace.

8. Snowshoe on the golf course.

7. Visit the Customer Appreciation Hour in the Vimy's Bar & Grill.

6. Cross country ski to Cameron Lake

5. Cuddle in front of the fireplace with hot chocolate while gazing out the window at the mountain sheep and deer

4. Walk around the deserted town

3. Take a picture in front of Cameron Falls.

2. Learn amazing new recipes from our chef's.

1. As little as possible!

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