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Triple Crown Challenge

Waterton Parks Inn & Resorts present an adventure in your own backyard with the Triple Crown of Waterton.

We challenge you to complete three world class hiking trail; Crypt Lake, Akamina Ridge and the Alderson-Carthew Summit in one summer.

Sign up at Pearls Caféin the Waterton Village and check out our glory board of those who have finished the challenge.

Check out these top-rated hikes at besthike.com  


Crypt Lake

Distance: 17.2 km / 10.7 mi (return)
Time: 6 - 8 hours (plan a full day)
Elevation Gain: 700 m / 2297'

An awe-inspiring full day hike involving a boat taxi across Waterton Lake, and a gradual climb of over 2300 feet. Experience a 600 foot cascading waterfall, natural tunnel and cliff traverse. As you reach your destination, you'll be rewarded by the turquoise waters of sparkling Crypt Lake, and maybe even catch a glimpse of an elusive white mountain goat, or the rare alpine pygmy poppy!


Alderson- Carthew

Distance: 18.0 km / 11.1 mi
(one-way, transportation needed to or from trailhead)
Time: 6 - 8 hours                                   
Elevation Gain: 650 m / 2132'

This trail winds through the montane, sub-alpine, and alpine zones! From Carthew Summit look east over the peaks to the prairies, and south into Glacier National Park, Montana.

Highlights include a misty walk through one of Waterton Park's oldest forests, and the pyramidal grandeur of Mt. Alderson. You can take the hike from Cameron Falls in the Townsite to Cameron Lake, or from Cameron Lake to the Falls.


Akamina Ridge

Distance: 20 km (roundtrip)
Time: 9-10 hours (plan a full day)
Elevation Gain: 1300 m (4,270 ft).

Akamina Ridge  follows the BC-AB boundary cutline, turning left at the boundary marker, up Forum Ridge. The trip starts and ends in Alberta, but the finest portion crosses into British Columbia. The ridge looks relatively flat when viewed from Wall Lake but it is deceptively unflat, with 3 pretty good bumps along its crest. Forum Peak, at the upper right corner of the rock wall at the end of Cameron Lake is the easterly end of the ridge.


2011 Glory Board

Congratulations to Colton Holmes and Lane Walters for being the 1st to complete the Triple Crown this Year!

Honourable Mention also goes to Shawn Elford, Scott Leishman and Kristen Gibb for being the first and only hikers to complete the Triple Crown in JUST 1 DAY!


Colton Holmes Lethbridge, AB
Lane Walters Lethbridge, AB
Taylor Cholotiuk Lethbridge, AB
Herb Dyke Vernon, BC
Anna Dyke Vernon, BC
Emily Archibald Calgary, AB
Nikki Fallenberg Lethbridge, AB
Darryl Eby  
Ken Rodgers Calgary, AB
Adam Payne Pincher Creek, AB
Kieran Thomas Pincher Creek, AB
Karen Harris Sherwood Park, AB
Megan Harris Sherwood Park, AB
Ben van den Bosch Red Deer, AB
James Bier Coaldale, AB
Nancy Lawson Fern Bush, NY, USA
Peter Henner Fern Bush, NY, USA
Kim Archibald Edmonton, AB
Brian Schwake Green Bay, WI, USA
Clark DuBois Green Bay, WI, USA
Ed LaPointe Burnaby, BC
Peter Quitzay Delta, BC
Gill Wilson Ottawa, ON
John van den Bosch Red Deer, AB
Carly Walker  
Mark Thompson Stirling, AB
Devonee Thompson Stirling, AB
Amanda Koegler Red Deer, AB
Drew Young Red Deer, AB
Lili Nkunzimana  
Will Johnston Aurora, ON
Meagan Puteman Cambridge, ON
Devon DeVogelaere Waterton Park, AB
Sean Neill Waterton Park, AB
Jordan Brown  
Leanne Jennings  
Samuel Vaughn Ontario
Kendall Roche  
Stephen Merredew Red Deer, AB
Vanessa Merredew Red Deer, AB
Tanner Rodgers Lethbridge, AB
Parker Rodgers Lethbridge, AB
Myrle Rodgers Lethbridge, AB
Shawn Elford Calgary, AB
Scott Leishman Lethbridge, AB
Kristen Gibb Raymond, AB
Katie Baron  
Daniel Poulin Edmonton, AB
Ashleigh Frederiksen  
Tyler Wammes Waterton Park, AB
Morgan Wammes Waterton Park, AB
K. Archibald Calgary, AB
K. Lampard Red Deer, AB
Natalie Mahovich Newbury,ON
Tim Brown Inwood, ON
Jordan Wammes Pincher Creek, AB
Megan Anderson Edmonton, AB
Nick Harrington Woodstock, ON
Lavern Appleton Lethbridge, AB
Wong Nelson Cardston, AB
John Elford Calgary, AB
Dianna Elford Calgary, AB
David Stephenson Idaho, USA
Alan Patton  
Toby Farrell Calgary, AB
Dave Wright  
Chayse Wright  
Andy Paton Calgary, AB
Candice Paton Calgary, AB
Dalan Summerfelt  
Juliann Summerfelt  
Shaylee Summerfelt  
Jace Summerfelt  
Tate Summerfelt  
Dana Sloan  
Hal Sloan  
Jeremy Sloan  

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