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Skiing in Waterton Lakes National Park

Waterton Lakes Park offers opportunities for beautiful cross-country skiing. Depending on snow conditions, excellent opportunities for ski touring may exist on or off the park's trail system. Popular trails include Crandell Lake (easy-moderate), Rowe Trail, Akamina Pass, Summit Lake and Wall/Forum Lakes (all difficult). These trails are not marked or maintained and may be subject to avalanche hazard. Groups ski touring in the backcountry should carry avalanche beacons, have a knowledge of avalanche conditions and route evaluation, and be capable of self-rescue. 

Ski trails in Waterton Park are categorized as designated and non-designated. Designated trails are identified by trailhead signs describing the degree of difficulty and other trail information. Track setting is carried out for weekend skiing. Skiers traveling off designated trails are advised to voluntarily self-register their activity at the Warden Office. 

Voluntary self-registration is available at the Warden Office to anyone undertaking what they consider to be a hazardous activity. Registration is provided to ensure your safe completion of an activity. Once registered you must check in at the completion of your activity.

Detailed avalanche forecasts and information regarding backcountry skiing conditions are available by contacting a warden (859-2224) or by telephoning the Canadian Avalanche Association (1-800-667-1105). Please see Hazardous Activity Registration.

Ski Trails in Waterton Park

Cameron Ski Trail (designated)

Length: 5.0 km / 3.1 mi (round trip)
Trailhead: Little Prairie Picnic Shelter on Akamina Parkway
Description: This easy trail from Little Prairie Picnic Shelter to Cameron Lake is wide and flat, and on Akamina Parkway. Travel through a coniferous forest to a beautiful Cirque Basin (Cameron Lake), carved out by glacial ice and snow.

Dipper Ski Trail (designated)

Length: 5.5 km / 3.4 mi (round trip)
Trailhead: Rowe Trailhead on Akamina Parkway
Description: Following babbling Cameron Creek, this moderately difficult trail is a real wilderness experience! You will meander through wooded slopes, gliding over knolls and dips on this single width track. Your ski starts across from Rowe Trailhead and ends at the Little Prairie Picnic Shelter, or continue your adventure all the way to Cameron Lake!

Crandell Lake (undesignated)

Length: 1.6 km / 1.0 mi (round trip)
Trailhead: Crandell Lake Trailhead on Akamina Parkway
Description: Moderately Easy short trip to beautiful Crandell Lake.

Rowe Trail (undesignated)

Length: 10.4 km / 6.5 mi (round trip)
Trailhead: Rowe Trailhead on Akamina Parkway
Description: A difficult trail to Rowe Meadow. It is possible to visit Lower Rowe Lake prior to the meadow, or to continue beyond and visit Upper Rowe Lake. This is a natural trail and Skiers are advised to wear PIEPS and check Avalanche conditions.

Akamina Pass to British Columbia (undesignated)

Length: 3.2 km / 2.0 mi (round trip)
Trailhead: 14.4 km on the Akamina Parkway 
Description: This moderately difficult trail takes you on a scenic tour into British Columbia. Skiers can continue to Wall Lake, Forum Lake, and/or further into British Columbia. This is a natural trail and Skiers are advised to wear PIEPS and check Avalanche conditions.

Summit Lake (undesignated)

Length: 8.0 km / 4.9 mi (round trip)
Trailhead: East of the Lakeshore Parking Area at Cameron Lake where the bridge spans Cameron Creek 
A difficult trail leading you to Summit Lake. This is a natural trail and Skiers are advised to wear PIEPS and check Avalanche conditions.

Important Note: Hazards

When traveling across lakes, please proceed with caution due to varying ice conditions. Also, please be wary of avalanche conditions, particularly on the far side of Lower Rowe Lake and Cameron Lake.

Avalanche Beacons (PIEPS)

When traveling natural trails, it is important that you equip yourself with an Avalanche Beacon. In the event of an avalanche, these will expedite the search and rescue process, saving crucial time. 

Cross Country Skiing in Waterton Lakes National Park.
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