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Hiking at Waterton Lakes National Park


Distance: 18.0 km / 11.1 mi (one-way, transportation needed to or from trailhead)
Time: 6 - 8 hours (plan a full day)
Elevation Gain: 650 m / 2132'

Carthew-Alderson is one of the most beautiful hikes in Waterton Lakes National Park. Enjoy some of the most breathtaking scenery the Canadian Rockies has to offer! This trail winds through the montane, sub-alpine, and alpine zones! From Carthew Summit look east over the peaks to the prairies, and south into Glacier National Park, Montana. 

Highlights include a misty walk through one of Waterton Park's oldest forests, and the pyramidal grandeur of Mt. Alderson. You can take the hike from Cameron Falls in the Townsite to Cameron Lake, or from Cameron Lake to the Falls. Below are some photos from the hike:


Pictured here is the scenic Cameron Lake, the starting point of your adventure!
After a steep ascent, you arrive at Carthew Lakes, providing one of the most breathtaking views in the park!
The waterfall near Alderson Lake.
Slowly descending the mountain, you will come across Alderson Lake.
After a full day, your hike finishes at Cameron Falls in the Waterton Townsite.


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